Independent Contractor Agreement Template

Attorney-Created Template + Video Tutorials + User Guide + Checklist!


 Use this template to create a solid contractual relationship with your independent contractors.

Purchasing a template does not make us your lawyer. Your purchase is subject to our product license terms.

Who can use this:

Private practices and other small businesses who are hiring independent contractors.


What you get:

A fully-editable Microsoft Word file (.docx). The document includes detailed instructions in the sidebar.

Video tutorials on how to customize and edit your template.

User guide + checklist to help you understand what is included in your template and how to use your template.


How this is different from other templates:

This was created for private practices.

We actually explain what each section is for and why it matters.

We show you how to edit your template so it's easy to use.

Your agreement is written in plain language and includes the most important provisions:


  • Service obligations (for one project, or multiple projects)
  • Payment terms (hourly, fixed fees, retainers, & more)
  • Intellectual property ownership
  • Confidentiality obligations
  • Non-solicitation restrictions
  • Termination rights
  • Attorneys fees
  • The "boilerplate" stuff
  • And more

Hiring a lawyer is expensive. And not all online contracts are designed for private practices.

Save yourself time and money with this fill-in-the-blank lawyer-drafted contract template.

Attorney-Created Template + Video Tutorials + User Guide + Checklist


All for $297


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Editable fill-in-the-blank Word Document to meet your hiring needs

Save money with a template that was create for private practices


Cover all of your bases with standard and customizable clauses

Extra support (you won't find with other templates) including a workbook to explain each section and videos to show you how to use your template


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