Website LEGAL Protection Bundle

Every private practice needs legal terms on its website. This legal bundle was created just for you! 

Attorney-Created Templates + Video Tutorials + User Guide!


Are you legally protected?

Why do you need legal terms on your website?

Having legal terms on your website PROTECTS YOU and YOUR USERS, saving you from legal issues down the road.

  • Your Terms of Service help PREVENT PEOPLE from COPYING YOUR CONTENT or misusing your content
  • And your Privacy Policy is also there to protect your users by OUTLINE HOW YOU COLLECT and USE PERSONAL INFORMATION, which is critical for businesses that are regulated by HIPAA.

And...since you have a therapy practice, you will also need to make sure YOU HAVE A MEDICAL DISCLAIMER ON YOUR SITE. Here's why:

  • As a healthcare professional, the advice/information you provide may not apply to every reader and may cause harm
  • This tells users The content on your website is for informational or educational purposes only, and does not count as medical advice.
  • It also PROTECTS YOUR BUSINESS AGAINST LEGAL LIABILITY by saying that you won't be held responsible for how people use your site, or for any damages they suffer as a result of your content.


If you answer "YES"  to any of these questions, these legal templates are for you: 

  • Do you have a form visitors can fill out on your website?  
  • Does your website collect data from visitors (hint: all websites do)?  
  • Do you have informative or educational content on your website?  
  • Is it clear that users cannot take your content and use it elsewhere?  
  • Do you provide information that may be interpreted as professional therapeutic, diagnostic, or medical advice?

 Don't worry! We can help! We have created a Website Legal Protection Bundle specifically tailored for private practice websites.

Purchasing a template does not make us your lawyer. Your purchase is subject to our product license terms.

Who can use this:

Private practices and other small businesses that have a website.


What you get:

A fully-editable Microsoft Word file (.docx). The document includes detailed instructions in the sidebar.

Video tutorials on how to customize and edit your template.

User guide to help you understand what is included in your template and how to use your template.


How this is different from other templates:

This was created for private practices.

We actually explain what each section is for and why it matters.

We show you how to edit your template so it's easy to use.

Your agreement is written in plain language and includes the most important provisions:


  • Privacy Policy: Explain what information you collect from people on your website and what you do with it. This goes for user input information, personal data, and anonymous data. Maintaining these policies is growing in importance!
  • Terms of Use: Make it clear that you own (or have the right to use) the content on your website and that users cannot take your content and use it elsewhere. Tell users what they can and cannot do on your website.
  • Medical Disclaimer: The terms also include disclaimers and limitations of liability, which reduce your risk if a user construes the information on your website as professional therapeutic, diagnostic, or medical advice.
  • BONUS: Testimonial Release: Make sure you have consent to use client testimonials and reviews in your marketing. Use this release form to protect your use of client testimonials. 

***If your private practice is subject to California’s CCPA or the European Union’s GDPR, please read the FAQ section.

Hiring a lawyer is expensive. And not all online legal documents are designed for private practices.

Save yourself time and money with these fill-in-the-blank lawyer-drafted contract templates.

Attorney-Created Template + Video Tutorials + User Guide + Checklist


All for $349


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Editable fill-in-the-blank Word Document to meet your hiring needs


Save money with a template that was created for private practices


Cover all of your bases with standard and customizable clauses 


Extra support (you won't find with other templates), including a User Guide to explain each section and videos to show you how to use your template.


FAQs About the Website Protection Bundle

Have additional questions? Please see the FAQs on our template shop home page


This lawyer-drafted form will ensure you have the legal consent to use your clients' reviews in your marketing.

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